Tips to Close the Sale on Big Ticket Items Online

Selling a big ticket item online can be a great way to generate additional revenue for the month, so it’s a good idea to set a goal of selling at least a few. If you want to move more of these expensive products from your eCommerce store, this advice will help.

Upfront Pricing

Customers don’t want to go to the next page to find out how much an item is really going to cost them. That doesn’t mean you need to include tax and shipping on the same page as the item, but one way to encourage more transparent pricing is to place expensive add-ons on the same page as the item itself. Especially when it comes to houseware, where shopping for a bed or a door could be a purchase worth several thousand dollars. If you have the add-ons available with pricing, the user can better gauge what kind of value he or she will be getting for the purchase.

This will also reduce chargebacks from card services, where customers didn’t properly read an invoice and realize what they were being charged for.

Ship Fast

The faster you can get those big ticket items to the people who bought them, the fewer chargebacks you’ll face overall. When you accept credit cards, you should have a system in place to verify transactions made with your merchant account, and ship same day. Be prepared with stock if need be, which can be a tall order for small businesses selling only one or two big ticket items.

In those situations, call your vendor to see what kind of shipping method you can work out. If you have to absorb some of the costs to get it out quicker, you’ve still made a profit.