How to Compete in Search When You Live in a Major City

Search engine optimization is an excellent way to bring potential buyers to your website so that you can grow your business. Because some keywords have a lot of competition, many people have opted to use local SEO to enhance their marketing efforts. But if you live in a major city, it can be that much more difficult to rank your content using local SEO. Luckily, a Los Angeles search engine marketing company can help you solve this problem.

Surrounding Cities

Rather than trying to rank for terms related to a major city, Los Angeles search engine optimization experts recommend ranking for terms related to smaller cities that are nearby. You can create a different page or blog post describing the services you provide to residents in each location.


Attempting to rank for keywords related to nearby counties is another great choice because these terms will not likely have much competition. You might feel tempted to save time by rewriting your content for different keywords, but an effective Los Angeles search engine optimization company would suggest creating new content for each keyword you want to rank.


Even if a keyword for which you are trying to rank does not have much competition, it’s still important to build backlinks to your website so that you can improve your domain authority, making it difficult for your competition to outrank you in the future.

Final Thoughts

Using local SEO is a great way for any business to bring targeted traffic to their website without the need to worry about a lot of competition. Try to rank for each surrounding city and town to which you provide service. When done properly, local SEO will help you draw attention to your business so that you can enjoy enhanced profitability.

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