The disadvantages of having crooked teeth

Article written by Elite Dental Group.

An even smile can help a person maintain healthy teeth while improving their confidence. Crooked teeth usually occur due to poor dental habits in childhood which include thumb, lip, or tongue sucking or excessive use of a pacifier.

Crooked teeth can cause many dental issues similar to the following:

Periodontal/gum disease – Crooked teeth harbor bacteria and cause plaque that wraps around teeth. Plaque build-up can cause periodontal disease and in some cases tooth loss.

Crooked teeth are difficult to clean- It can be hard to clean crooked teeth as bristles and floss cannot reach all crevices. Not being able to clean teeth properly can cause bacteria build-up which can lead to damage and decay.

Increased wear and tear – Misaligned teeth may cause a person to use their teeth and mouth in a certain way, causing stress and deterioration. This constant friction and stress can also result in the cracking and breakage of certain teeth.

You are vulnerable to injuries – Crooked or protruding teeth can be the first to be damaged in an accident as they are weaker than well-aligned teeth.

Difficulty eating – Misaligned teeth can cause incorrect use of the jaw and make chewing difficult. This can lead to a person slowing food that is inadequately crushed, leading to poor digestion.

Bad breath – Crooked teeth hold bacteria, which can lead to bad breath.

Lower self-esteem – People with crooked are often embarrassed to smile, shy away from pictures and find social situations less enjoyable.

Modern dentistry has made achieving a beautiful smile painless and affordable. Most qualified dentists and orthodontists will recommend procedures such as cеrаmіс or lingual ѕuрроrts, metal straps, or braces to straighten and fix alignment issues.

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