Tips for Good Oral Health

Article submitted by Remarkable Smiles Orthodontics.

The best way to prevent gingivitis and tooth decay is with regular brushing. But many people aren’t aware that there are right and wrong ways to brush your teeth. Often, in childhood, we’re told to brush our teeth, but no one ever shows us the correct way to do so. We can grow up never really receiving expert instructions from someone like our dentist.

Good oral health affects our overall health. Bad teeth can release toxins and poisons into the blood stream. With regular visits to the dentist and daily brushings, you’ll likely never have to face that scenario.

Use the Right Toothbrush and Toothpaste

The first tip involves choosing the right toothbrush. Soft bristles are recommended by most dentists. Get a new toothbrush about every six months. When you go in for cleanings, your dentist will give you a new brush. Use a good fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash. Brush at least twice per day and after eating any sweet or sticky foods.

Brushing Correctly

Hold the toothbrush parallel to your teeth and apply slight pressure. Start at the back with molars. Never brush horizontally across the front of teeth. Instead, brush up and down or in a circular motion. Be sure to brush every surface using gentle pressure. Brush each surface for about 10 seconds. As you complete the brushing motion, roll bristles away from gums. Always avoid brushing gums directly as this can cause inflammation.


Make sure to place a wet toothbrush someplace where it can dry out completely between brushings. Anytime you have a cold or the flu, replace your toothbrush. Try not to eat or drink anything after your evening brushing. Flossing just before your evening brushing is ideal. This will remove lingering food particles and bacteria and get your mouth thoroughly clean before bed. While we’re sleeping, bacteria can quickly grow causing problems.

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