Ashley Madison has Been Hacked: Learn about the Dangers You Face

Article by Reputation Stars.

AAshley_Madisonshley Madison has become famous for more than infidelity. The ironic situation that has developed has sent ripples through the reputation management community. More than 9 gigabytes of information has been distributed with the warning that users should “learn your lesson and make amends.” Unfortunately, that process may not be so easy now that this identifiable information was leaked.

Job Security

One of the first concerns has to do with the nature of the information released. This hack revealed 15,000 or so email addresses on government domains. The repercussions of infidelity might mean certain people lose their jobs. If those people are high-ranking officials, the fallout could be even worse as the media jumps on the story.


Trust is a major concern for married couples, and this leak threatens that bond no matter the state it was in before the hack occurred. These people had the right to live their lives as they saw fit and hackers have now jeopardized their personal rights based on what they see as a morally righteous cause.

Put another way, what if the users in this leak are innocent? It is likely most users were active at some point, but, without a verification process, it’s possible that Ashley Madison allowed people to sign others up using their information and without their consent.

Fixing the Problem

First, users who suspect this leak may affect them should begin to search their name on Google. Look for any websites listing personally identifiable information about you and request that the information get removed. Next, monitor Google and social media actively for future problems. The media loves these kinds of stories, so failure to stay vigilant can have very public consequences. If you want to avoid being the subject of the next big expose, you may want to hire a reputation management company to protect your name in Google.

The hackers posted more information, along with a message. You can read the details here. If you are looking to get your data removed from Ashley Madison click here.