The Best Type of Foam for Your Seat Cushions

Blog provided by The Foam Factory

Looking for cushion filling for your foam seat? Not all types of foam are made equal. It’s important to know which type of foam you need to craft the most comfortable, durable, and long-lasting seat cushion. Based on statistics and characteristics, the best all-around foam is the high-density HD36 foam.

Though some people might prefer extremely soft or extremely firm foam, the average person is probably looking for something more balanced. HD36 foam is the most versatile type of foam with a medium level of firmness. It provides equal amounts of comfort and support for sofa cushions, chair cushions, and mattresses.

Unlike Poly foam, another medium firmness type of foam, HD36 foam lasts long and is intended for regular use. Poly foam only has a lifespan of 1 or 2 years, which is why it is only suggested for occasional use or as additional cushioning. In contrast, the regular version of HD36 foam has a typical lifespan of 7 years, while the more expensive high-quality variant can be used for as long as 16 years.

Lux foam has a similar density and lifespan, but it is known for being extremely firm. Super Soft foam lasts longer than Poly foam (5 years), but it may be too soft to provide adequate support. HD36 foam has the most balanced qualities and is a solid choice for any custom cushion project.

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