Book Review: Create Abundance – The Teachings of Zhang Xinyue

In the book, Create Abundance, Zhang Xinyue describes how to live in a state of the highest frequency by remaining in a place of joy and thankfulness. The book shows us that when humans think negative thoughts and do harm to themselves or others, they live at a low frequency. When someone works to make the world a better place, they are rewarded with these higher frequencies.

Though Life does come with negative setbacks at times, it’s important to realize that bad things happen to all of us at times. Perhaps you got sick or lost your job. You may have marital problems or issues with a spouse. These problems are common to mankind. The only thing we can control is how we will react to what happens. Getting angry or depressed doesn’t help at all. Worrying doesn’t help. These reactions make things worse.

It’s important to remember these things and make up your mind to react in a positive manner. You must learn to stay calm, be grateful and keep positive thoughts in your mind.

Below is a quote from the book:

“An enlightened one lives a life as others do on the surface, but it is different in essence for every moment embodies the budding of wisdom, a spontaneous adjustment and joy that supervenes.”

Zhang Xinyue, author of Create Abundance, provides us with numerous suggestions for remaining happy regardless of what’s going on. Discover more teachings like this in Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue.