How to complain effectively about a service provider

Customers often think that their complaint is the only one the company has to handle but in reality, companies are flooded with daily complaints. Ensuring that your complaint is heard and resolved quickly is the best way to get your problem solved.

These tips will help you get your complaint heard and resolved swiftly.

Make it a valid complaint – Read the contract and its terms and conditions before making a complaint. If aspects of the contract have not been met, it is safe to say that the complaint will be justified.

What do you want – A clear idea of the outcome can provide direction to the company and assist with a fast resolution. Outcomes could include a refund, replacement, compensation, or an apology.

Put it in writing – Complaints can be in the form of a letter, an email, a phone call, or a review on a customer review website. Adding names, dates, and pictures to your review will increase its authenticity and alert the company to act quickly. Complaint websites such as, Yelp, BBB, ComplaintsBoard, and TripAdvisor have become popular platforms for complaints as they offer customers faster response times and resolutions. Always use professional, polite language and take your time to draft a clear, concise complaint.

Get all documents ready – It is best to photocopy all relevant documents such as receipts, bank statements, order forms, and advertisements that can help with the complaint.

Give the company a few days – Give the company 3-5 working days to respond to a complaint before escalating the complaint to senior management.

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