How to Convert a Houseboat Into a Stylish Air BNB

Summary: A suitable houseboat can make a fantastic bed and breakfast that offers guests something different than the tradition BNB.

Who says a houseboat is off-limits when it comes to a bed-and-breakfast? Here are some design tips on how you can transform your trendy houseboat into a luxurious rental opportunity.

Personal Pleasure or Passive Income?

First of all, ask yourself why you’re turning your home into a bed and breakfast. Is it for personal fulfillment or as a source of revenue? Notably speaking, they both have their own unique approaches, which is why it’s crucial that you wrap your head around this question.

Figure Out Who Your Competition Is

As the owner of a houseboat, you’re already one foot in the door, as the exterior design aspect vastly differs than that of a traditional bed and breakfast. Design the interior based on what will attract people the most. One of the best ways to see examples of you can go about this is to check out your competitors. If you want to be financially rewarded for all your efforts, you’ll need to find out how your competition is faring.

Sites like and showcase the most popular bed and breakfast destinations for any area. Simply, type in your location and take a look at what others in your area are doing with their houseboat.

The Four Major Elements to Follow

Obviously, you’ll want to make the space accommodating for your guests, but how can you go about doing so? Take in consideration the four major elements of decoration: color, lighting, accessories, and artwork. Blending each element appropriately will provide a significant balance to your entire interior decor. Figure out who you’re catering for. For older travelers, you’ll want accessible furniture and supportive mattresses. For families, consider placing functional furniture like pull-out couch beds and portable cribs.

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