Dreams Can Become Part of Your Reality

Dreams Can Become Part of Your RealityWritten and Submitted by Medicine Line.

We’re used to believing that dreams are completely separate from our real lives. In fact, it’s a common perception that a dream is your mind’s way of “resetting” and clearing out information after a busy day. But the reality is that dreams have much more in common with our waking lives than we might think. In fact, dreams influence our daily lives and how we can harness the power of our dreams to create better conditions for the rest of our day.

It’s not uncommon for our dreams to have an impact on our days. If you have a particularly strong dream right before waking up, it’s easy for it to influence your mood in the morning. If you have a stressful dream or a nightmare, you might be edgy and irritable throughout your day. By the same token, having a dream where things go right can put you into a positive mood for the rest of the day. It really can be the difference between waking up “on the wrong side of the bed” and waking up energized and ready for anything.

Not many people realize it but we have the power to control these dreams. Almost everyone has had a dream where they realize that they are, in fact, dreaming. This is called “lucid dreaming” and it’s a powerful way that a person can use their mental powers. Lucid dreaming doesn’t have to be something that “just happens”; putting focus into controlling your dreams before you go to sleep will make you more likely to have lucid dreams. As with anything mental, practice and concentration can help you to achieve breakthroughs.