How to effectively make a service complaint

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Service complaints can be complicated as they include service contracts with very specific terms and conditions. However, following the steps below can help an unhappy customer create a strong case against a company and achieve the outcomes they desire.

Address the issue quickly – As soon as an issue is observed notify the company. Start by contacting the company and explaining the problem.

Log a formal complaint – If complaining on the phone does not achieve the desired results, lodge a formal complaint. This will involve following the complaint procedure stated on the contract or on the company’s website. Make sure the complaint number and emails are saved for future reference.

Evidence – It is advised to write down the time, date, and the names of the people contacted when making a complaint. These details will come in useful in the future if the problem needs to be escalated. Additionally, sending a follow-up email after a phone complaint can help to hold the company accountable.

Give the company enough time – Resolving a complaint may take 5 working days or more. Always ask how long a complaint will take to be resolved so that you can follow up.

Customer complaint websites – Customer complaint websites such as, Yelp, TripAdvisor, and government-managed websites can be a great place to lodge service-related complaints. These platforms can be successful as they are seen by many customers publicly, which can encourage the company to resolve a complaint quickly.

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