Facebook Advertising Warnning

Article written by Find Comment

We have a major client that has accidentally been shooting themselves in the foot with FB ads.

They are running engagement campaigns solely to attract the lowest cost per interaction, which is super low.

But what they don’t realize is that this pollutes their remarketing audiences, which is the core of their revenue efforts– its dumping mud in the gas tank.

And secondly, a boosted post uses up your newsfeed inventory, blocking your remarketing ads from running (since they are lower relevance score). You get a newsfeed frequency cap of 2 per day account-wide, which increase to 4 if they’re a fan.

The net effect is that you are growing your remarketing audiences with garbage and also blocking the people who might actually convert.

If I was black hat, I’d do this to my competitors- to jam their post engagement and site visitors with garbage, so they waste remarketing dollars. And then they might even conclude that “FB doesn’t work”- even though it would be sabotage.

There is a strong chance you’re hurting yourself with friendly fire and not even know you’re killing your own troops.

Doesn’t matter how well-intentioned your staff is if they commit malpractice. Lack of training and process cannot make up for the best of intentions. And fixing these sorts of issues often is more political wrangling than education.