How Foam Mattresses Change Your Sleeping Experience

Are you aware of how your choice of a mattress affects your sleep experience? The two main mattress types are innerspring mattresses and foam mattresses. There are also hybrid mattresses that combine foam and innerspring materials. Based on which type of mattress you buy, you will experience different pros and cons as you lay down to get some sleep every night.

Innerspring mattresses provide support using springs or coils with varying layers of foam or latex. Traditional spring mattresses feature very little foam at all, using interconnected coil springs all throughout the mattress. These types of mattresses because they are affordable, portable, and will not heat up in the presence of your body heat. However, compared to foam mattresses, spring mattresses have high levels of motion transfer and can become uneven, misshapen, and uncomfortable. Furthermore, innerspring mattresses have the shortest lifespan out of all the available mattress options.

If you want the best possible sleeping experience, you may want to consider getting a foam mattress from a retailer such as The Foam Factory. Foam mattresses are designed to provide a better balance between comfort and support because of foam’s malleable nature, which allows it to conform to varying body shapes and sizes. Options such as memory foam are also expertly engineered to eliminate motion transfer since memory foam was originally developed by NASA for aircraft cushions. Although foam mattresses generally cost more than spring mattresses, they also last longer, so they are more practical for customers who prioritize mattress longevity.

Some foam mattress options are also ideal for specific customers’ needs, such as latex mattresses’ hypoallergenic nature, which can help sleepers who have problems with allergic reactions such as sneezing, runny noses, and coughing. Latex mattresses are also better at regulating temperature than standard foam or memory foam mattresses since they will not heat up like memory foam mattresses tend to do. If you like elements from both foam and innerspring mattresses, you can also purchase a hybrid mattress that combines features and materials from both. You can also order a foam topper for your existing innerspring mattress and save some money.