Imaginative Business Ideas That May Get You Excited About Being an Entrepreneur

Retail businesses are coming back stronger than ever. But most consumers want to have an amazing shopping experience. They can buy furniture, household goods, games or electronics anywhere. The future of retail is all about giving consumers an amazing experience that they can’t get online.

Todd Collins is an entrepreneur and philanthropist known for being a leader within the Charlotte, NC community and business sector. He is the founder and CEO of Red Hill Ventures, which was established in 2005, and Red Hill Capital. Among other things, Charlotte, NC entrepreneur Todd Collins is known for being an insightful investor, a passionate philanthropist, and a proponent of diversity in business. He shares this advice for those looking for a great retail business idea:

“Spend some time assembling and nurturing a talented team of proactive leaders in all positions. This will give you a huge leap forward in the business world. You’ll have people around you who believe in your dreams.”

Below are 5 amazing and imaginative business ideas that can work for anyone.

Drones. All industries are using drones now. Why not set up a company that supplies these and/or trains business people how to use them?

Home décor. We could all use some help with our interior design ideas. Find a good angle for your company, such as using Green furniture and accessories that are environmentally friendly.

Restaurant. What’s your favorite food? Turn this into a good business where you enjoy creating delicious meals for the community.

Marketing. All businesses need the help of a qualified marketing specialist.

Counseling. You’ll need a proper degree for this but imagine helping others with their problems.

Todd Collins, a Charlotte, NC entrepreneur who is known for being a generous philanthropist and a proponent of diversity in business.