Jeff Goldman Worldwide Plumbing

Worldwide Plumbing looks legit and has a nice looking website, but the service is not very good. When I called them, I was on hold for several minutes while I was connected with Jeff Goldman. I felt like I had to fight to get a tech out to my place instead of buying some part they could ship to me for half the effort.

At one point, they actually directed me to their website to view their online catalog. I started to wonder, are these guys just hard up for money?

I ordered the parts I need from another vendor, but Worldwide Plumbing agreed to do the installation for a modest rate. Well, then they charged me for an extra hour of work because my home was a bit far for their driver and they “needed to make up the difference”.

If you’re going to charge me, charge me. Don’t make up reasons to upcharge me after the fact.

This has got to be one of the worst businesses I’ve ever had the displeasure of working with. The job got done, and the work was technically satisfactory, it just felt like a whole lot of hassle for what should have been a routine repair.

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Jeff Goldman - Worldwide Plumbing

Jeff Goldman - Worldwide Plumbing


0.0 /10


  • Website looks nice


  • Long Wait on Phone Call
  • Over Charged