Mattress or sofa cushions: Which should you replace first?

Blog provided by The Foam Factory

Over their lifespan, both your mattresses and sofa cushions will see heavy use and pressure from your body leaning and reclining against them. Nothing lasts forever, so after years of wear and tear, you’ll eventually need to replace them both. With this in mind, which should you expect to replace first, your mattress or your sofa cushions?

A recent furniture industry survey showed that most consumers expected new couches to last 3-5 years. According to the Insider’s Guide to Furniture, this estimate is usually correct not because of the couch’s frame or fabric deteriorating, but because of the average couch’s foam cushions beginning to wear out within the first year of use.

In contrast, the Better Sleep Council recommends replacing a mattress once it is seven years old. The National Sleep Foundation lists a similar number, giving most mattresses a lifespan of eight years. However, both of these organizations suggest that there is no hard and fast rule of when to replace a mattress. Instead, the best way to tell if you need a mattress replacement is when your mattress starts feeling uncomfortable and interrupting your sleep.

The same is true for sofa cushions. Their purpose is to provide you adequate support and comfort as you sit down, and if they start sagging or becoming uneven, you can replace them as soon as you feel uncomfortable. If you need replacement cushions or mattresses, The Foam Factory’s customizable cushions and foam mattresses can help you get the comfort and support you need. Contact them today for more details.