One Trick Will Cut Ad Spend and Improve Targeting

One Trick Will Cut Ad Spend and Improve Targeting
One Trick Will Cut Ad Spend and Improve Targeting

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A good ad campaign is lean and mean. It performs well, with high profit margins and strong conversion rates, but it also has strong interest or pull. You can see this evidenced by a higher time spent on site or a low bounce rate. That’s called engagement, and it has a lot of value to savvy advertisers. Ideally, you want to cut the useless engagement and focus on people actually interested in your brand and the products you sell.

One extremely effective method to target the kind of people you want to reach is geo-targeting. Read on for tips on how to make it work for you.


You’ve probably heard that targeting ads to a specific location can be beneficial, but hyper localized targeting may be the catalyst that gets you on the bandwagon. Geo targeting can now focus on specific locations, which opens up a new set of possibilities for localized and national competition. McDonalds vs. Burger King may become irrelevant if advertisers can make the right propositions to the right users. It will all be a matter of convenience.

The Future of Local Business

Local business relies on being able to reach more than just the immediate neighborhood. Some local businesses are so popular they can draw crowds from other cities or towns. They get that way by rising through more than just word of mouth advertising. Local businesses need to compete against larger chains and a lack of recognizable branding. Ad networks have adapted to support this local-level competition, essentially leveling the playing field with fair ad rates and geo-targeted placements.