Patio makeover ideas to reinvigorate your home

The patio is the perfect place to sit, sip a nice cold drink, and read a good book in the spring. Unfortunately, the patio is the last place most people look to makeover. There are always other areas of the house that have a higher priority. However, a patio is a place where the entire family can relax and unwind after a tiring week. Here are some ideas from The Foam Factory for a makeover of your patio:


If there is one quality that every patio should have, it is coziness. Fortunately, most patio areas are small and lend themselves to warm, cozy spaces. When setting up a new patio, look for furniture that is comfortable, roomy, and durable. You can also add to the cozy feel by using warmer colors like oranges, browns, reds, and yellows.


Another option is to convert part of a large yard into a patio. You can include an outdoor sofa with a patio cushion set. Also, other elements like a fireplace really add warmth and a place to get together during colder evenings.


A lot of people elect to transform the patio an outdoor dining area. Rather than a spot for relaxation, you now have a lovely al-fresco dining area where you can also entertain guests and throw dinner parties. All you need is a decent concrete slab or some form of decking. Add a pergola with some natural vines, and you will feel like you’re in the Mediterranean.