Should You Sue Your Endodontist for Dental Malpractice?

If you’re suffering from extreme tooth pain, an endodontist is your only hope of getting rid of it. But if that endodontist makes some mistake in the treatment, then not only will your tooth pain not be fixed, it might get worse. And on the other side, you will end up spending a lot of money on something that didn’t benefit you at all.

This is called dental malpractice, more specifically, endodontist malpractice. Dane Levy, an endodontist malpractice attorney California, says that Endodontistry is a difficult branch of dentistry because it includes dental implants and root canal treatments. That’s why mistakes can sometimes happen, either because the dentist wasn’t being careful or they’re still not skilled enough. Whatever the cause, you deserve to get compensation for it.

So if your loss was huge, you should sue your endodontist. However, before going for a lawsuit, discussing it with your endodontist is always wise. Dane Levy says that you should try to humbly discuss with the dentist whether they are willing to either fix your issue free of cost or return your money. If they don’t agree, then you can consider a lawsuit.

But before you do that, you must consult an attorney specializing in endodontist malpractice first. You need to confirm whether your case qualifies for a lawsuit or not and how much your chances of winning are. The chance of win would significantly increase if the lawyer fights the case with you, and the lawyer is a good one.

If you are in California, you may consult lawyer Dane Levy, who has years of experience with endodontist malpractice cases and good success history.